Since more than sixty years the flame of the Rifugio Crucolo in Valsugana

Since more than sixty years Parampampoli is one of the best known products of Rifugio Crucolo in Valsugana.
It is served over the flame to enliven the evenings and to light up conviviality.
Giordano Purin, beloved and never forgotten progenitor of the family is, among many things, the brilliant inventor of Parampampoli. A liqueur born on a cold evening in the 60s, by chance, but also by a happy intuition. Giordano stood next to the fireplace, mixing in two "Raminei" (copper pots) two classic traditional drinks: coffee, wine and sugar on one side and coffee, honey and grappa on the other, two ancient "energizing" recipes handed down by grandparents.

It seemed an evening like any other, but it would have made history! From the large fireplace in the center of the kitchen, Giordano began to serve a particularly goliardic table which arrived at the end of the dinner. In between jokes and laughter it seems someone asked to mix the two recipes in order to taste a brand new drink.
The memory of those who were there do not disagree too much on the fact that a spark choreographically lit the mixture that was in the pot with a great purple flame. It is lost in the legend if the spark accidentally originated from the contact between the ladle and the copper or simply splashed from the fireplace.

Hearing the noise, one of those present said: “Parampam! Parampam!" imitating the bang heard from the hall. So, yes, the name Parampampoli was born from the exclamation of the unknown customer!

That magical evening Giordano wanted to serve the “explosive” mixture to those present. They found it particularly good and asked him several times to ignite the saucepan with which he started serving Parampampoli. Since then Parampampoli has become iconic both for Trentino and Rifugio Crucolo, prepared "on the flame" according to the recipe of more than sixty years ago. Every year thousands of tourists and enthusiasts appreciate and enjoy it.
Parampampoli is produced following the original and secret recipe handed down by Giordano Purin to his grandchildren: a tasty mix of coffee, honey, wine, grape distillate. For more than half a century its purple flame has enchanted and warmed the customers of Rifugio Crucolo, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, at the foot of the Lagorai mountain chain in the Dolomites. Each bottle's content must be prepared according to its ancient "flame" ritual and makes the occasions of conviviality special by igniting the emotions of costumers.

Strengthened by experience and traditional recipes, by the inspiration and the knowledge coming from the wild and uncontaminated nature that surrounds Rifugio Crucolo, the Purin-Anderle family then developed a complete line of products ranging from Parampampoli to Liqueurs, without forgetting the Grappas.

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