Among the most famous products of Rifugio Crucolo restaurant and Valsugana area

Crucolo cured meats are some of the most famous products of Rifugio Crucolo restaurant and Valsugana area.
Speck, Lucanica, Salame Crucolo: a range of products and flavors that will make every meal more tasty.
Crucolo cured meats are born in the historical setting of the Rifugio Crucolo restaurant and come to us with the same genuineness with which their production began more than a hundred years ago on the Lagorai chain peaks.

The choice of the best spices, the selection of the finest meats for each processing, respect for the traditional method and the safety of the best technologies available on the market, are the ingredients with which the production of these cured meats takes place every day. It also takes time, patience and the crisp Trentino air to complete the unique taste of each product.

Behind every Crucolo salami there is a bit of the magic that cloaks the whole company: this is the only secret ingredient that you will taste between one slice and the next!
Speck Trentino Crucolo is a cured meat prepared from carefully selected pork legs, smoked in the traditional way with beech wood, subsequently aged for at least 120 days, giving to it  a pleasantly savory and slightly smoky flavor. The thighs are processed according to the traditional method with salting still done by hand according to the tradition of Rifugio Crucolo. 

Crucolo Salami  is a cured meat obtained from national pork, minced with the addition of salt, pepper and spices. Seasoned for 40 days, it has a pleasant and spicy flavor. Perfect as an appetizer, aperitif or for a tasty break during the day. To date, Rifugio Crucolo is in the Guinness World Record for the longest salami with a special one over 45 meters long!
Lucanica Stagionata Crucolo is a typical cold cut from Trentino. Produced from national pork, minced with the addition of salt, pepper and spices, it is an excellent appetizer rich in flavor. Made, according to tradition, with the best parts of the pork chopped and skilfully flavored, stuffed into natural casings and tied in the classic crescent shape.

Carne Salada Crucolo is another delicacy of our salami factory. Typical preparation of Trentino which has been written about since the late Middle Ages, Carne Salada is the result of a careful selection of the rump of beef which is processed according to the traditional method: carefully degreased and marinated, it gives the product lightness and flavor, containing calories and fats thanks to the noble cut and careful processing.

Fiocco di Speck Crucolo is a cured meat prepared using pork, smoked with beech wood, seasoned, with a pleasantly savory and slightly smoky flavor. The processing of this noble part of the thigh is done by hand and with the traditional method.
Other specialties await you at Rifugio Crucolo, in the best shops and are always available online in our E-commerce.
Our cured meats production plant has been IFS certified since 2019. The IFS (International Food Standard) standard aims to encourage the effective selection of food suppliers for the large distribution brands, based on their ability to provide safe products, compliant with contractual specifications and legal requirements. It constitutes a model recognized both in Europe and in the rest of the world. It is one of the food safety standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Download the certification here.

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