All the taste of Valsugana in three different flavors (plus two)

Crucolo cheese is one of the most famous products of Rifugio Crucolo and Valsugana area.
Sweet, Savory or Al Vino, it makes all palates happy with different and surprising nuances of flavor.
Crucolo cheese is a 100% Italian semi-hard cheese, made with cow's milk. It has a maturation of over 60 days and during its refinement the wheels receive particular attention, being turned and wetted twice a week.

Crucolo cheese takes its name from the Rifugio Crucolo restaurant, at an altitude of 1,100 meters at the foot of the Lagorai mountain chain in the Dolomites. Its cellar houses numerous cheese wheels and is a place of delicious tastings for visitors.

Crucolo cheese has a white, buttery texture and widespread holes. It is easy to cut and has many uses in the kitchen. Ideal for an aperitif, but also as an accompaniment to first courses and polenta thanks to its unique feature to melt perfectly. There are three variants of Crucolo cheese, which differ in seasoning and taste: Dolce (sweet), Saporito (savory) and Al Vino (wine flavored).
In the city of Concord, Massachusetts, Crucolo cheese has become a real cult.

For more than ten years now, every December, the population celebrate the arrival of a giant wheel, then chopped and enjoyed by all the citizens and the people from other cities who have come to the event. A special moment that celebrates not only the Crucolo cheese, but also its origins and territory, Italy and Trentino.

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The range of Crucolo cheeses has been extended with the introduction of two new products, as the result of the company's long experience in the production of cheeses. 

A unique cheese of its kind that brings inside all the freshness of the Trentino Organic Apple. Soft and sweet, with an irresistible fruity tone.

The creamy Crucolo cheese, perfect for a savory snack because it can be easily spread on bread, but also an ideal accompaniment to pastas, risottos and veloutées.

Discover recipes made with Crucolo Cheese

Cannelloni with Crucolo Cheese, Risotto with Crucolo Cheese, Crucolo Cheese fondue, Cheesecake with Crucolo Cheese and many other delicious plates and appetizers. Easy and quick to prepare, all these recipes will bring you a taste of Trentino. Discover them all downloading the following PDF.


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